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Find the best Online Casinos USA with US Real Money Casinos. Gambling online has become a favorite pastime in America, with millions of players enjoying their favorite casino games online. The list of top games available at casinos online includes Slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and more. Our team of experts will help guide our readers to the very best online casinos for real money.

It is estimated that around 85% of adult Americans have gambled online at some point in their lives, with 60% having gambled within the last 12 months. But what are the best online casino sites in the USA? Where should you spend your money?

This is where our team is ready to help. We only recommend the best casino sites for real money gamble, and we make sure they are safe and secure for our readers. Finding top-rated online casinos in 2021 has never been so easy!

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How We Review Online Casinos

There are countless gambling sites out there, but not all of them are worth your time. How do you find the best casino sites for USA players? Simply put, players need to do research and find unbiased, third-party reviews to determine which sites are recommended.

This is where sites like ours come in. We put casinos through a rigorous review process to determine the sites we recommend and the sites we do not. Our reviews are unbiased and completely honest. Once we’re done with an online casino, you’ll know for sure whether you can trust it or not.

Below, we outline some of the basic things we look at when we review casino sites.

  • Safety and Security – Our number one priority when reviewing a gambling site is player safety and security. We cannot even begin to think about recommending a casino before ensuring that players will be safe when gambling there. This means making sure it is properly regulated, the games are fair, and there is proper security in place to protect personal data.
  • Game Selection – Another important consideration is the selection of casino games on offer. No one wants to sign up at a casino site if there is a severely limited selection of games. Players want a wide selection to choose from, with hundreds of games to keep them entertained.
  • Top Bonuses – There’s no denying it; players love bonuses! This is why it is another important consideration when reviewing sites. We make sure the bonuses are some of the best out there, with large amounts of bonus money available, as well as fair wagering requirements.
  • Reliable Banking – Without safe and trusted banking options to deposit money and withdraw winnings, a casino site isn’t worth much. We ensure that any casino we recommend has a wide selection of different deposit and payout methods, with fast payout times and outstanding maximum withdrawal amounts.
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Top Online Casino Games

What is a great online casino without any games? The games are one of the main reasons people sign up at a casino site. Online casinos have one very big advantage over land-based casinos, and that is the sheer amount of games.

Online gambling sites are not limited by floor space, so they can have a much larger selection available. This normally includes hundreds of slot games, as well as classics like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Poker, and more. There are even some casino sites that offer live dealer games!

Below is a brief introduction to some of our favorite casino games available online.

Online Slots

One of the most popular games in 2021 is online slots, with roughly 50% of all gamblers playing slots online. Top casinos in the USA will offer large libraries of slot games, from basic three-reel slots to more complex five-reels. There will also be slots offered with massive progressive jackpots available/

Moderns slots offer amazing themes, visuals, and exciting gameplay with plenty of bonus game modes and free spins on offer. It’s easy to see why slots have become one of the most popular forms of gambling around.

Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the best-known casino game classics. It is also one of the most recognizable casino games out there. Online casinos offer all the most popular versions of the game, like American, French, and European Roulette. There are also some casinos offering live dealer Roulette. Once you play Roulette online, it is very easy to see why the game is so exciting.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is another favorite, especially amongst experienced gamblers. It offers a very low house edge, and skilled gamblers can improve their odds of winning even more. There are also plenty of different versions available online, as well as live dealer.

Online Craps

While not one of the most popular casino games in 2021, Craps still has a loyal following. The game involves betting on the outcome of a pair of dice. The game can seem very complicated, which often scares off newer players, but once you understand the basics, Craps is one of the most exciting games out there.

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is another popular casino game, similar in many ways to Blackjack. However, there are a number of differences, including the fact that you don’t have to bet on yourself to win. In Baccarat, there are three bets you can make, the player’s hand winning, the dealer’s hand, or a tie. This is a great casino game that deserves to be more popular, and is famous for being the favorite casino game of fictional super spy, James Bond.

Online Poker

Poker is definitely one of the best-known casino games around and has gained plenty of popularity over the last few years. Players compete against each other to build the strongest hand possible. There are numerous different versions of poker out there, all with slight variations on the rules. Poker is one of the more complex games to learn, with plenty of rules and strategies. But once you learn, you’ll be a fan for life.

Best Online Casinos USA That Payout

We only recommend the best online casinos in the USA that actually payout, and payout quickly. We make sure that any site we give our stamp of approval to will payout winnings in a timely fashion. Our team understands that if a player gets lucky enough to land a big win, the last thing they want is to have to wait weeks for the winnings to arrive in their bank account.

Not only do our recommended sites payout quickly, but they have large maximum withdrawal limits. Meaning players can withdraw more of their winnings at a time.

Best USA Online Casino Bonuses

US Real Money Casinos is determined to help our readers find the very best bonuses available at casino sites. There are numerous different types of bonuses on offer for both new and existing players. These include Welcome Bonuses, No Deposit Bonuses, and much more.

When we recommend a casino site, we make sure the bonuses are top-notch. Not only do we make sure the bonuses on offer are large, but the wagering requirements are fair. We highly recommend claiming the bonuses as they give players a larger bankroll to play with and more opportunities to win! Here are some of the most popular forms of online casino bonuses on offer.

Top US Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are some of the largest and most popular bonuses on offer at casinos online. These are given to new players for signing up at a casino and making their first deposits. These bonuses may be awarded in one large lump sum on your first deposit, or smaller bonuses over the course of several deposits. They often also come with free spins as an added bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

These are some of the most sought-after bonuses around. Unlike the Welcome Bonus, players do not need to make a deposit in order to claim it. No deposit bonuses are awarded to new players simply for creating a new account. However, these bonuses tend to be quite small, maybe $10 – $20.

Reload Bonuses

Reload Bonuses are similar to the Welcome Bonus. However, they are for existing players. The reload bonus will offer something like this, 50% up to $200. This means that if you deposited $200, you would get an extra $100 in bonus cash.

Types of American Online Casinos

Online casinos consist of a wide range of casino types. It is typical that casinos fall under multiple different categories, as noted below.

Best Deposit Casinos

Many American online casinos require players to make a deposit before they can start playing at the casino. These are the casinos which are known as deposit casinos. Players want to get the most out of their online gambling experience. So, it is important to go for the best deposit casinos in the United States.

Fastest Payout Casinos

Fastest payout casinos are the ones who pay out winnings in record time. When a player decides to trust an online casino with their funds, it is important that the casino honours that trust. Just like any relationship between a company and a client, players must always be treated fairly.Fastest payout casinos usually have good relationships with their clients as players do not get anxious about whether they will receive their winnings.It is very important for American real money casinos to pay out winnings as soon as possible. Slow payouts and not paying out winnings can lead to online casinos getting blacklisted.

High Payout Casinos

Many people in the United States are wary of gambling online because the think the games are rigged. Some online casinos do try to scam players, so it is important that gamblers to be cautious and understand the world of online casinos.
High payout casinos have the highest payout percentages, meaning that they pay back more of the money made in wagers by gamblers in winnings. A lot of casino games are games of luck, so not winning does not necessarily mean that the games are rigged. American gamblers should always opt for the best online casinos with high payout percentages.

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High Roller Casinos

High roller casinos cater to the demands of high roller players (also known as VIP players). Playing casino games in the United States is usually affordable for gamblers. But there are some gamblers who prefer betting with big amounts on a regular basis – these are the high rollers.
American high rollers get special benefits which include amazing promotional casino bonuses. So, as much as they put very large amounts at stake, they can also win large amounts, and then some.

Free Play Casinos

For players who would like to get to know the game or brush up on their skills, there is free play. United States online casinos which offer players free games are referred to as free play casinos. At some free play casinos wagering requirements apply to cashing out winnings from free games. But at other free play casinos, players cannot cash out free play winnings at all.

New Online Casinos

As the name suggests, new online casinos are casinos that have been established quite recently online. Although the best online casinos are usually the ones that have been around for long, players must watch new online casinos. A lot of great things are new and that is the case for some new online casinos in the United States.

Instant Play Casinos

Instant play casinos are also known as “flash casinos” and “no download casinos”. American gamblers can play at these casinos without downloading any casino software onto their computers or mobile devices.

Download Casinos

These casinos allow players to download the casino software onto their PC or mobile device. Download casinos are convenient as they are always readily available – gamblers do not even have to use a browser.

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Top Mobile Online Casinos USA

Mobile casinos allow players to gamble online no matter where they are. All that is required is a casino account, a compatible mobile device, and a mobile Internet connection. Mobile casinos are compatible with almost all devices these days, including smartphones and tablets. Compatible devices include those from Apple, as well as those running Android, and Windows.

Mobile casinos are optimized to work on mobile devices and function correctly on smaller screens with touch controls. There may even be some additional bonuses for those signing up through the mobile app or site.

Top Banking Options

Casinos need to make sure that it is easy for players to deposit funds into their casino account, as well as withdraw their winnings. Before we can recommend a casino site, we need to make sure there is a good selection of banking options that are safe, secure, trusted, and reliable.

Banking gets a little more difficult in the USA, due to several regulations that limit banking options at USA online casinos. This means that banking options tend to be more limited in America than in some other parts of the world.

When it comes to depositing funds into your online casino account, there tends to be a wider selection of choices. These include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, some eWallets, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The selection is more limited when it comes to payouts. Generally speaking, debit and credit cards cannot be used to withdraw your winnings. The most common payout method is wire transfers, but if the casino accepts Bitcoin for deposits, it often allows Bitcoin withdrawals as well.

Finding the Safest Casino Sites

Making sure to sign up at a safe online casino in the USA is a top priority for all gamblers. No one wants to gamble at a casino website that doesn’t payout, or has rigged games that do not give players a fair chance of winning. This is why we make sure only to recommend the safest and most trusted online gambling sites.

In order to do this, we double-check and ensure the sites we review and recommend are properly licensed and regulated by reputable third-party organizations. These groups will regularly test the casino games to make sure they are fair and not rigged.

By choosing to sign up at one of our recommended sites, you are guaranteed a fair experience and fast payouts when Lady Luck is on your side!

Online Casino FAQs

Are online casinos rigged?

Online casinos are not allowed to fix games at all. Creating an unfair disadvantage for the player by rigging games is prohibited by gambling regulations. So, casinos online who do rig games are not complying with regulations. Rigging of games is one of the reasons online casinos get blacklisted.

However, there are many online casinos which are legit with good business practices. Players should always go for the best casinos. Gamblers can determine this by a looking at a number of things like legal certification, payout percentage, banking options, software provider, bonus structure, device support, player support, etc. Players in the United States can get this information easily by looking at the general opinion in a variety of casino reviews.

Is it safe to play at an online casino?

If gamblers play at the best casinos in America with top notch security, safety is at a maximum. Personal and banking information is protected by the most advanced encryption technology at the top online casinos.

Can I play for free at an online casino?

Yes. Many United States real money casinos online offer players the opportunity to play for free. These free games are meant to give players a taste of what they can expect from casino games at the casino. Gamblers benefit from free casino games as they get to practice before they play for real money.

Can I play with real money at an online casino?

Yes. Almost everything is done online nowadays, and playing with real money at online casinos has been happening for a while. Many gamblers actually prefer playing online as it saves them time and money, and it is much more convenient.

Can I play using American dollars at online casinos?

Yes. There are numerous American dollar online casinos to choose from. So, players really find the best one for them without having to worry about exchange rates and additional charges.

Which is the best online casino?

There are a few casinos which are ranked as the best online casinos in the United States. But different players will have different preferences. So, it is best for a player to take all the important information into account when they look for their favorite online casino. All or most of the player’s expectations will be met when they choose what works best for them. So, it is really worth a shot comparing the top ranked casinos and taking it from there.

What online casino games pay real money?

Players have a massive choice of games to play at top casino sites, all of which pay real money. The list of games where you can win money includes Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, Poker, and much more!

What is the safest online casino?

There are many safe and reliable casino sites out there, but there are also some that are trying to scam their players. All the casinos on our list are all safe and trustworthy, so simply choose any of our recommended sites and know that you can gamble safely.

What is the best online casino for real money?

We get this question a lot, but there is no easy and simple answer to this question. Any of our recommended casinos could easily qualify. It’s up to the player to decide what they’re looking for in a casino. Once they have decided that, choose a site that best meets those needs.

Do online casinos have better odds?

In many cases, they do. Because online casinos have much lower overhead costs and are far cheaper to run, they are able to pass that on to the players with better odds and more winnings. However, this is not always the case and is game dependant. Roulette, for example, will have the same odds online as it does in a land-based casino. However, games like slots can benefit from improved odds.

How do online casinos work?

Online casinos work by using random number generators to create completely random results. This is the same way slot machines work today, even in land-based casinos. However, for online versions of table games, they use these generators to deal cards or determine where the ball lands in Roulette.

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