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Casino bonuses are a great benefit for players in the United States. Not only can gamblers play casino games without spending any money, but they also stand a chance to win real money. Online casinos are very competitive, which means that players can look forward to amazing casino bonuses and promotions.

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Types of Bonuses

Online Casinos offer different kinds of bonuses in the United States depending on your status as a player at the specific casino. New players are offered welcome bonuses; regular players get promotional bonuses, and high roller players receive VIP casino bonuses.

Match Deposit Bonus

Match deposit casino bonuses are also common at United States online casinos and are sometimes referred to as “Percentage Based Bonuses”. This type of bonus simply means that the online casino offers to match players’ deposits by a certain percentage. For example, 100% match deposit bonus means that the player will get a bonus worth the full value of their deposit. These casino bonuses vary – so it could be a 25%, 50%, 75%, 150% match deposit bonus, etc.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are popular among online casinos in the United States. These types of casino bonuses require the player to make a deposit in order for them to start playing at the online casino. In this way, online casinos ensure that players do not just play, and then not sign up.

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No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses do not require players to make a deposit to start playing at the online casino. However, usually, no deposit bonus online casinos require players to make a deposit when they want to cash out winnings earned from games played using the bonus. This is a type of wagering requirement which comes with accepting casino bonuses. Therefore, it is important for online gamblers to always know the terms and conditions of bonus offers as well as playing in general on any online casino.

VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses are exclusively available to High Rollers. These are the biggest bonuses that are available at online casinos in the United States. High Rollers get bigger bonuses simply because they spend larger amounts on a more regular basis. Usually, American players need to meet certain requirements to be invited to join the VIP program.
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Welcome Bonus

This is also referred to as a “Sign-Up Bonus,” and it is the most popular among casino bonuses. Online casinos usually offer this type of bonus either as a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus. This is the online casino’s way of attracting new players and welcoming them once they have registered.

Free Spins

Many online casinos offer players free spins which are usually given for online slot games. The number of free spins which is up for grabs is specified by the online casino and usually wagering requirements apply to cashing out winnings. It is common among United States real money casinos to offer free spins in addition to one of the above-mentioned casino bonuses. Free spins are great for players because it is easy to use, and of course – it is free!

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the online casinos’ terms and conditions which specifically applies to casino bonuses. These can range from players having to make a deposit when they earned winnings on casino games played using a no deposit bonus to maximum cash out clauses.

A maximum cash out clause refers to the maximum amount of money a player can cash out after winning using a casino bonus to play. Another common wagering requirement is whether the bonus is cashable or non-cashable. A cashable bonus simply means that the player can withdraw the bonus amount when they are cashing out their winnings.


Casino Bonuses in the United States are amazing. But as amazing as they are, they should not be the only reason for signing up at an online casino. There are other important aspects which players should consider. These include legal certification, software provider, payout percentage, payout speed, banking options, player support and device support. Players in the United States should also do thorough research and remember to read reliable online casino reviews.

Casino Bonuses FAQs

image of casino bonuses FAQs
Can I play without making a commitment to make a deposit at an online casino?
Yes. No deposit bonuses allow players to play casino games without having to spend money. However, when it comes to cashing out winnings from a no deposit bonus, wagering requirements usually apply. So, players in the United States are likely to be required to make a deposit in order to cash out their winnings earned from playing casino games using a no deposit bonus.
On the other hand, when players are not interested in winnings at all and just want to play for fun, free play is just the thing. Free play is offered by many online casinos in the United States, and it allows gamblers to play casino games for free. With free play, players are not playing for real money. So, this is a great way to practice or improve your gameplay.
Are online casino bonuses worth it?
This entirely depends on what the player is looking for. If you were going to play for real money, why not take a good bonus? It is an extra which will give you more play time and might even lead to the big win you are hoping for. However, it is important not just to jump in and sign up because the bonus looks the most attractive. All casino bonuses in and outside the United States come with wagering requirements. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions to the T.
Will I find the same bonuses on all online casinos?
Online casinos operate in a highly competitive environment. This is a huge advantage for players in the United States, because every online casino will push to offer them more. So, players might sometimes find the same or similar looking bonuses on different online casinos. But what makes those casino bonuses so different, when they seem to be similar, is the wagering requirements. By comparing wagering requirements, you will find the best casino bonus for you.
Are online casino bonuses exclusively available to new players?
No. Although online casinos do offer new players fantastic welcome bonuses, there are also great ongoing promotions. The best online casinos in the United States offer casino bonuses on a regular basis to players who are already signed up, as well as high rollers.
How do I find the best casino bonus?
Do not let an attractive looking casino bonus soft soap you. In addition to comparing online casinos’ wagering requirements, there are other vital aspects to consider when choosing an online casino. These include legal certification, payout percentage, banking options, payout speed, software provider, device support and player support. Casino reviews will be very useful in helping you find the best online casino for you.



High Rollers
High Rollers are also referred to as VIP players. These are the players who wager big amounts of money regularly on casino games. Because of their big spending, they also get exceptional benefits, including big casino bonuses.
Wagering requirements
Wagering requirements are terms and conditions which players need to meet in order to use their bonus and withdraw winnings linked to bonuses. Limitations of casino bonuses are also included in wagering requirements.
Maximum Cash Out Clause
A maximum cash out clause refers to the maximum amount of money players can withdraw after winning from a casino bonus.
No Maximum Cash-Out Clause
No maximum cash out clause means that there are no limitations as to how much money players can withdraw from winnings earned from casino bonuses.
Cashable Bonus
Cashable Casino bonuses mean that players can withdraw their actual bonus amount when they cash out winnings earned from playing with their casino bonuses.
Non-cashable Bonus
A non-cashable bonus means that a player cannot withdraw the bonus amount when cashing out their winnings which are linked to their bonus.
Free Play
Free Play refer to free casino games which players can use to learn the games, practice, or just enjoy. Players cannot generate any real money winnings from free play.
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